festival Znojemský hrozen


Znojmo, Czech Republic, 6. – 8. 10. 2016

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The Znojmo Grape Festival is my first sponsoring since beeing governor of the South Moravian Region. I'm glad to assume a sponsorship of such reputable event, known not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Both the broad representation at international competition programs and remarkable countries‘ interest in participating in national days to present national culture and gastronomy refer to that. I am very pleased that the National Day of the Czech Republic, which I would like to attend, takes place just this year. On behalf of the South Moravian Region I wish all participants and guests of the Festival pleasant experience. And there is certainly a lot of events to choose from.

Mgr. Michal Hašek
Governor of the South Moravian Region

I am very honored to say a few sentences on 12th year of annual International Television and Radio Festival of Gastronomy Znojmo Grape. Long time ago the festival had gone beyond borders of Znojmo and Southern Moravia and had became an integral part of cultural and gastronomic events in our country. Concern of many participants from abroad shows the Festival and its fame have touched TV and radio shows producers around the world. Gastronomy is an integral part of every epoch and every human culture. People like to show off their culinary speciality and arts. And what else would be a good promoting agent of food and drink than radio and television? Movies and broadcasting about food and drink are indefeasible part of medial culture, they are not only for mothers on maternity leave and housewives for a long time anymore, but speak to other groups of people. I admit myself to like watching or listening in such program too. I always learn something interesting and draw inspiration for my own kitchen or for my way to deeper knowledge of other country. It is therefore right that the movies, radio shows and their creators compare and compete. It increases attractiveness and ratings of such programs. And it intensifies mutual understanding among nations.

I am truly glad to enjoy this festival of food and drink mediated by television and radio this year again.
Thank you to the organizers for the greatly and professionally made job and for kind invitation.

Jiří Papež
Agriculture Committee
Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic