festival Znojemský hrozen


Znojmo, Czech Republic, 6. – 8. 10. 2016

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The sixteenth edition of the Znojmo Grape Television and Radio Food Programme Festival 2013 is over now.

The fifteenth edition of the Znojmo Grape Television and Radio Food Programme Festival 2013 is over now.

This year’s programme offered many diverse and attractive experiences and encounters, including ones with the famous actor Andrej Hryc, the champion chef team of Jaroslav and Pavel Sapíks, and the author of the extraordinary cook book With a Little Nostalgia or Cooking and Eating in the Emperor’s Era Mrs Miroslava Kuntzmannová.
Of course the encounters also included those with the authors who won awards as part of the traditional competition in the various categories – television, radio, and advertising programmes on food and cooking. One that stands out was meeting Robert Mikoláš, the author of the food corner as part of the Zápisník zahraničních zpravodajů (International Reporters’ Notebook) programme who has brought “coffers” of unimaginable culinary experiences back from his travels abroad.
Authors keep coming with new and fresh concepts. We may soon find that, perhaps, all that we need is the fourth dimension that would enable us to taste or smell something via television or radio broadcasts. As the jurors have said, the quality of the programmes in the 15th edition of our Festival was high and their diversity great. We owe the authors and those who entered the programmes in our competition a great deal of thanks.
A competition for children entitled "A Plate Full of Painting" was included as well. The beautiful drawings and assemblages earned well-deserved appreciation and we made the little authors happy.
Jaroslav Sapík’s team afforded us a truly top-notch cooking experience in the form of an autumn menu using KLASA brand products. More than 200 festival guests watched and, what’s more important, tasted the cooking show of Jaroslav Sapík’s KLASA team at the Prestige Hotel.

In the evening, our gourmet experience of the afternoon was even further enhanced. By popular demand among the friends, juries and media partners of the Festival as well as authors, screenwriters and chefs, we included the Cookery Book of the Year 2013 and Gastro Magazine of the Year 2013 nomination competitions in the festival programme for the first time. Many festival guests had never seen so many cook books and publishers together at one place before. Browsing through the books while tasting Slovakia’s wines presented by Peter Brňo, former Slovak Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and Fero Hanton, was the perfect ending of the festival Friday.

As another accompanying event, let me mention the visit to the Znojmo Underground, a new adrenaline experience route of the catacombs that preceded the official ending of the festival on Saturday.
The prize giving ceremony at the Znojmo Theatre, accompanied by spoken word and music courtesy of Vágner Family, brought the 15th edition of the Znojmo Grape Festival 2013 to a successful close.

All that’s left to do now is wish Znojmo Grape all the best for the future. And we are looking forward to the 16th edition next year.

You can find the results for the various categories in our Hot news and under the link Competition categories.

13th Year of ZNOJMO GRAPE FESTIVAL is Over

The evaluation of 13th year is divided into two parts, the preparation and the implementation. In the first half of 2011, as the festival organizers, we experienced a great loss. JUDr. Ladislav Jíša suddenly died. We found ourselves in front of a decision, what to do next. Despite this great loss, we finally decided to continue the festival tradition as a tribute to Jaroslav Jíša.
I am very pleased that now, when the implementation stage of the festival is over, I can say that owing to the enormous efforts of our colleagues and staff members, the festival was fully implemented, including all scheduled events.
Evaluating the festival's highlight, i.e. the competition of food TV programmes, equally targeted commercials and radio programmes in the third section, we witnessed further increase in the entries. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of submitted spots has improved, reflecting both increasing interest in our festival and higher popularity of culinary and sommelier programmes and a general interest in what people eat and drink. We can say that these shows are now the backbone of the entertainment industry in media of all kinds, i.e. both online and print media. We are glad that our festival has tried to satisfy this interest as one of the first ones.
As I stated above, the quality of television and radio programmes is improving; we have observed a very positive development in advertisements where the interest of advertisers has grown and the winning spots truly represent the top quality in this area. Regarding radio programmes, the interest has increased as well. The participation of regional studios of Czech Radio is a positive thing and we are also pleasantly surprised that foreign radio programmes also have taken part. In case of the TV shows, I appreciate the fact that we have hit other destinations – 18 countries worldwide have submitted their spots. However, the best ones in this field are traditionally countries such as Great Britain, USA and Australia.
Accompanying events for public have followed a significant and positive event in past years, namely National Days where each participating country presented their culinary and cultural traditions.
Last year's attractive and exotic day of Egypt was followed by a view of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Croatia. In both cases, the days were held in the presence of ambassadors of concerned countries.
On the opening day of the festival, i.e. on Wednesday 14th September, other activities took place: All three festival boards initiated their work and a competing programmes and films from Anifest festival were presented for public in the Prestige hotel. In addition, the international competition of young sommeliers Grand Prix Sommelier Junior 2011 took place all day along the presentation of regional food and the workshop Gastronomy and Marketing.
The afternoon and evening programme was exceptionally interesting. The Netherlands National Day was followed by a spectacular concert of Lubomír Brabec, a world-renowned guitar virtuoso, and a singer Josef Vágner, in a lofty environment of St. Nicholas temple.
The evening continued with the festival opening ceremonies, a gala evening at the premises of South Moravian Museum Znojmo connected with the famous history of the Přemyslids. The festival guests and representatives of Znojmo town were tasting local specialities prepared by the Catering department of Prestige Hotel and, of course, the selection of Moravian wines while Slovacko dulcimer music contributed to a pleasant atmosphere.
On Thursday, the second day of the festival, the visitors could enjoy opening of the children's drawings exhibition named a 'Full Plate of Painting', the regional food presentation and the National Day of Croatia as the peak of the day.
The last day of the festival was Friday when its visitors and guests opened together a Gastronomic grotesque exhibition. They also had opportunity to enjoy the programme called the Day of Radio Blaník including an excellent concert of František Nedvěd and his young musicians at Masaryk square. Friday afternoon was enhanced by a regional food exhibit and a large presentation of KLASA food products.
The festival was officially terminated with the announcement of results and handing over of the prizes at the Municipal Theatre on a successful evening hosted by a TV presenter Jan Pokorný and a great concert of Bára Hrzánová, an actress and singer, accompanied by her remarkable band. The festival was terminated with a final meeting of all participants in Znovín Znojmo in Louka monastery.
From an expert point of view, highly evaluated events included – speciality beer competition workshop in the Prestige hotel, Grand Prix Junior Sommelier competition in the Louka monastery where this year, for the first time a student from Germany competed along young competitors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Furthermore, Food Forum – a project focused on Czech food was prepared very professionally with a large participation of expert institutions representatives, especially of the food manufacturing sector. The Food Forum continued at night time in the hall of Althanský palace as a presentation evening when four breweries were awarded prizes for the top-quality speciality beers. These events were significantly supported by the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic, Agricultural Intervention Fund, Agricultural Committee of the House of Representatives, Ministry of Agriculture and Viticulture Fund.
The 8th International Festival of TV and radio food programmes, Znojmo Grape, was held between 14th and 16th September 2011.
The festival comprised of competing 155 TV programmes, 61 programmes and 105 radio commercials from 18 countries around the world.
A number of national and regional media journalists, representatives of partners and experts in this field accredited at the Festival, including foreign participants. Czech Radio was broadcasting live directly from Znojmo throughout the festival. The festival was visited by many distinguished guests, representatives of Znojmo town, South Moravia, Ministry of Agriculture, Local Development and Health as well as by senators and deputies.
About 4,000 people came to see public events, traditionally free of charge. The festival was held thanks to the cooperation of 60 companies and media partners.
The success of the 8th year of the Festival owes to the commitment of all staff members to realize the festival despite L. Jíša's death including a careful preparation and excellent coordination of all involved teams from Znojmo, Znojmo Beseda and the South Moravian Museum. The collaboration with a fellow festival ANIFEST and Chello Central Europe has also proved worthwhile.
The patrons of the 8th year of the festival were the Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Regional Development and the Governor of South Moravia.
The main media partners Czech Television and PRÁVO newspaper provided a support to this year's festival with a great contribution of the Czech Radio.
Finally, I would like to thank all the financial and media partners and collaborating institutions, because without their support, this festival would not have been realized.
JUDr. Jiří Mejstřík
Festival Director


Dear friends!

In this year´s evaluation I have to say that quality of TV and radio programs is increasing and there is also progress in commercial spots section, interest of submitters grows there and the winning spots really belong to the top. The number of radio programs submitted is higher too, the participation of regional studios of the Czech Radio is pleasant and the number of foreign programs attending is a nice surprise. I appreciate that we have hit even more destinations in the TV programs category – there has been 17 countries involved. All continents except Antarctica have been occupied.

Accompanying events continued in tradition of last years - National days. Attractive and exotic day of Arab republic of Egypt took place on Wednesday, opulent day of gastronomic superpower Italy on Thursday. Friday brought introduction of products from South Bohemian and South Moravian regions within the Day of Regions, focused on regional food. The festival tent with its roofed podium (where BROLN appeared on Friday) together with stands created the festival town, which was filled with residents and visitors of Znojmo and of the festival.

The bartender competition raised great response traditionally. In the new space of the Chevignon Club the competition preceded the National days and even bartenders from Peru and Venezuela attended the competition.

Placing the sommelier competition in the Louka Monastery was positively received, there is enough calm for concentration during twelve hours lasting marathon of 29 participants from Czech and Slovak schools.

The opening ceremony and evening gala in the hall of the Althan Palace with twelve bangers were very classy. There was a very pleasant evening in the St. Jan wine bar of the Hotel Prestige, where Middle Slovácko region presentation took place and perfect cymbals band from Velká nad Veličkou played music, which inspired two opera stars Edita Randová and Dagmar Vaňkátová to join them. Closing meeting in the Hotel Prestige´s restaurant in new form was also enjoyable.

The concert of Prague's State Opera soloist Dagmar Vaňkátová, „Biblical characters“ in the St. Nicolas church, was especial. She was by harpist Lydie Hartelová and flutist Václav Kunt accompanied.
The Svět Cinema had great attendance at public projections of competition programs, cuttings of the ANIFEST festival and Mamma Mia movie.

Children painting and creative competition Full plate of painting took place for a first time in municipality on the Armády square and was accompanied with children festival reception in the Hotel Prestige. The Gastronomy Grotesque exhibition begun on 29/6 and took place in the Starobrno Brewery Restaurant in Brno and continued on 23/9 in Prague´s Mánes gallery. Experts appreciated the Lughnasadh exhibition in the Art House, which was thematically focused on our Celtic roots.
Festival train, dispatched in cooperation with Czech Railways and Winery Fund, visited Šatov, where guests took a look at the Znovín Znojmo winery operation.

Professionals appreciated well the Competition of Beer Specials in the Hotel Prestige, Grand Prix Sommelier Competition in the Louka Monastery and Food Forum focused on the Regional Food Project in the Althan Palace. Czech Agricultural Board of the Chamber of Deputies, Czech Department of Agriculture, Winery Fund, Czech Food Chamber and SZIF took important participation on these events.

The festival was closed officially by the results proclamation and prize giving in the Znojmo City Theater during nice evening with performance of Jiří Vejvoda and musical singers of the Music Theater Brno, Petr Gazík and Lukáš Vlček.

And final summary:
The XIIth annual International festival of TV and Radio programs of Gastronomy Znojemský Hrozen was held on 14. - 17. 9. 2010.
133 TV programs, 61 radio programs and 105 commercial spots, altogether from 18 countries from all over the world, participated on the competition.

250 publicists, sponsor representatives and experts has been accredited, including participants from Slovakia, Egypt, Syria, Romania, Taiwan, Spain, Austria, Italy, Finland, Norway and Germany.
Many precious guests, representatives of Znojmo City, Southmoravian Region, Department of Agriculture, Department for Regional Development and Department of Health, senators and parliamentarians visited the festival.

Main prize – Grand Prix Znojemský Hrozen was given by Minister of Agriculture Ing. Ivan Fuksa.
Znojemský Hrozen festival gained the Golden Apple prize, given by Tourism and foreign affairs section of publicists, for its long standing contribution in this area.

There were total 5000 visitors on public events, traditionally of free entry. 60 companies and media partners have cooperated on the festival.
The connecting element though the festival was support of Czech production, from wine and beer to food products with KLASA and Regional Food marks.

Success of the XIIth annual festival was based on long lasting and careful preparations and good cooperation of all interested parts: the Znojmo City, Znojmo Beseda, the Southmoravian Muzeum and many others.
Cooperation with partner festival ANIFEST and Chello Central Europe has acquitted well.

Chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Regional Development and governor of Southmoravian Region took auspices over the XIIth annual festival.
Main media partners Czech Television and Právo journal also provided important support.

Finally I want to thank to all financial and media partners and cooperating institutions, because there would be no festival without them.

JUDr. Ladislav Jíša
director of festival

Prague, September 19th, 2010

A Look Back at the 11th Festival Znojemský hrozen 2009

I still look upon the 11th Festival with a little bit of astonishment. I did not expect us to be able to increase its quality even more after the 10th Anniversary Festival. It is a huge commitment for next year.
The quality of television and radio programs has gone up and the positive development is accompanied by the ongoing increase in the number of commercials: all clients again consented to their commercials taking part in the competition. As regards radio programs, the number of participants has also risen. The proportion of regional studios of the Czech Radio is a positive aspect and competition productions from abroad are a pleasant surprise. As far as television programs are concerned, I am happy about the fact that we reached more destinations – productions from 16 countries from all over the world took part in the contest.
The accompanying events were based on a very positive circumstance of the previous years: the National Days. A nice and interesting Day of the Kingdom of Sweden took place on Wednesday, Thursday saw a spontaneous Romanian Day, when part of Romanian culture, mentality and gastronomy literally materialized in Znojmo, and the final and relaxed Czech Republic Day was held on Friday. The festival pavilion, which was again placed on a large stage, stands and the surrounding areas were filled with the people of Znojmo, visitors to the town and festival guests. All of that despite adverse weather conditions, which were prevalent on Thursday.
Transferring the sommelier competition to a monastery in Louka u Znojma was a good decision, as the place was quiet enough to allow the 41 contestants to focus during their twelve-hour marathon. As always, the bartender competition Fleitrix, which preceded the National Days, was well received.
The standard of the opening ceremony was high and it was merged with a gala night and employed, for the first time, the atrium of the Althanský Palace. A lovely party took place at St. John’s Tavern at the Prestige Hotel in the evening, featuring a presentation of Upper Moravian Slovakia, and a wonderful newly designed final meeting was held at the Municipal Archives.
Václav Hudeček, a violin virtuoso, played a brilliant concert, accompanied by the piano player Petr Adamec, at St. Nicholas Cathedral.
The Svět Cinema was also jam-packed during public presentations of contesting productions, a documentary of the ANIFEST Festival and, more or less, during the film Což takhle dát si špenát.
The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of Gastronomy Cartoons and a child cartoonist and artist competition called A Plate Full of Painting, held at the Václavské náměstí Elementary School for the first time this year and featuring a child festival reception at the Prestige Hotel again, were well received by the audience. Experts highly acclaimed the long‑term efforts by the VIVO Gallery to present works by top Czech painters at the festival (this year’s theme: Argument between Body and Soul, or, Who Am I?). The exhibition will move from Znojmo to the Portheimka Exhibition Hall in Prague.
Our festival train came to Mikulov, where the visitors were able to see the tombs of the Dietrichstein Family and enjoy good wine in the village of Perná.
From the point of view of professionals, our two workshops were very well received, featuring quality productions: the first workshop was called The Phenomenon of Beer and included a competition of specialty beers at the Prestige Hotel and the other one – Food Forum – was held at the Althanský Palace and attended by more than 80 food producers and the Minister of Agriculture, Jakub Šebesta, and top officials of the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic. The end of the Forum featured chefs Jan Punčochář and Pavel Mareš cooking meals using products with the KLASA label, which was hosted by Ivan Vodochodský. These events were very much supported by the Agricultural Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Food and Drink Federation, the State Agricultural Intervention Fund, the Wine Fund, and the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting.
The Festival officially ended with a results and prize ceremony at the Municipal Theater in Znojmo, which was attended by the President of the Senate of the Czech Parliament, Přemysl Sobotka, the Mayor of Znojmo, Petr Nezveda, and a number of other notable guests. This pleasant informal evening was hosted by Aleš Cibulka, Ivan Hlas and Norbi Kovácz.

And now a summary at the end:
The 11th International Television and Radio Festival of Gastronomy called Znojemský hrozen (Znojmo Grape) was held from 15 to 18 September 2009.
A total of 124 television shows, 44 radio shows from the Czech Republic, and 56 commercials from 16 countries from all over the world were allowed to take part in the festival competition.

As many as 400 journalists, partner representatives and industry professionals and other guests were accredited to the festival, including participants from Slovakia, Sweden, Romania, Britain and Germany.
The festival was attended by a number of notable guests, such as officials of the town of Znojmo, the South Moravian Region, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Regional Development and MPs. The main prize – Grand Prix Znojemský hrozen – was handed over by the President of the Senate of the Czech Parliament, Přemysl Sobotka.

Approximately 5,000 people were present at public events, which were traditionally free of charge during festival time. The events included the National Days, a bartender contest and show, public presentations of competition productions and a film, a concert at St. Nicholas Cathedral, and exhibitions: Gastronomy Cartoons, Argument between Body and Soul, or, Who Am I?, and a Plate Full of Painting.
The festival included a contest of junior sommeliers from the Czech and Slovak Republics and workshops to support Czech winemaking, food production, beer and brewing and malting industries and agriculture. Support of Czech produce from wine to beer to KLASA food products was the common feature of all festival events.

A total of 50 companies and media partners were involved in the festival.

Long-term and careful preparations and a good coordination of all parties involved, from the town of Znojmo to the cultural organization Znojemská Beseda to the Museum of Southern Moravia, made the 11th Festival a success.
Cooperation with the ANIFEST and TOURFILM Festivals also proved to be beneficial.

The 11th Festival was held under the auspices of the President of the Senate of the Czech Parliament, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Regional Development, and the President of the South Moravian Region.

It is important to note that the project received financial support from the town of Znojmo and the South Moravian Region this year.

To conclude, I would like to thank all of our financial and media partners and collaborating institutions, without whom the festival could not have taken place.

While the 11th Festival successfully followed our previous festivals, we are aware that we can do even more. It is a great commitment for the future festivals.

JUDr. Ladislav Jíša
Festival Director